Kreis 1


Saturday, 9.9.2023
11:00-18:00 Uhr

● Use the registration form to sign up.
● Print the flyer and hang it prominently on the day of the Kreisflohmi as a recognition sign.
● Set up your stand in your own courtyard, garden, stairwell, on your rooftop or any other place. In any case, your stand must be on private property. 
● Be ready at 11 am, this is when the event kicks off! Make your last deal at 6 pm, remove your stand and clean up.
● You are in charge of all material needed to create your own stand.
● Kreisflohmi takes place in any weather.


    Kreis 1

    Kreisflohmi may only take place on private property. With the registration you confirm that the landlord/owner is informed and agrees. If your stand is not on private property, you are liable in case of an inspection.

    I have read all information and agree.