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Zurich's uncomplicated and neighborly flea market. For everyone. At your house. And in the whole district.


Kreisflohmi is a flea market and district event in Zurich, organized by individuals for individuals. The stands are located on private property all around the city. They can be found in apartments, courtyards, gardens, garages and on rooftops. Visitors use the online map to go on an adventure where they discover new places, people and things. Participants set up their stands independently and don’t have to haul their goods across town. They also don’t have to get up early in the morning to grab the best spot for their stand. Anyone interested can sign up online for free and their location will be highlighted on a map.

Delve deeper into city life, discover unknown places, gain exciting insights from your neighbors or strangers in the district and pick up a bargain in the process - in every district, at the largest collective flea market in Zurich. Kreisflohmi makes hidden glimpses and treasures of city life visible, promotes exchange between people and supports the idea of sustainability.

Kreisflohmi is a project of Verein raumwerk.

Spendenkonto Verein raumwerk:

Kanzleistrasse 109, 8004 Zürich
Zürcher Kantonalbank
IBAN: CH29 0070 0114 8034 6366 0


Who organizes Kreisflohmi?
Kreisflohmi is organized by raumwerk association. You are responsible for your stand, set-up and dismantling, advertising etc.

Do I have to pay a fee to set up a stand?
No. We want to organize a neighborhood event that everyone can participate in with as little effort as possible.

Can I set up my stand on the sidewalk?
No. Your stand must be on private property and your renter/landlord must agree to this.

I want to participate! Where can I sign up?
You can register on the website and add one or more locations in your profile.

Will I be provided with a stand?
No. You have to organize your stand and anything you may need for it individually. Tell your neighbors about the event and collaborate!

How do I find the flea market stands?
They are marked on the map on the website. Simply click on the map icon on the homepage or click directly on the desired Kreisflohmi. On your cell phone you can see how far away the next stand is and in which direction you have to move to get there.

When do I receive the flyer to hang up?
You can download your personalized flyer in your profile.

I would like to support you. How can I do that?
We appreciate any kind of support. Please email us at .

Donations account “Verein raumwerk”:
Kanzleistrasse 109, 8004 Zürich
Zürcher Kantonalbank
IBAN: CH29 0070 0114 8034 6366 0

How to join

  • Register or log in to sign up your location.
  • Select your desired kreisflohmi on the map, enter your address and mark your stand with a pin.
  • Download the personalized flyer in your profile and hang it prominently on the day of the Kreisflohmi as a recognition sign.
  • Set up your stand in your own courtyard, garden, stairwell, on your rooftop or any other place. In any case, your stand must be on private property. 
  • Be ready at 11 am! Make your last deal at 6 pm, remove your stand and clean up.
  • You supply and dispose of everything for your stand yourself..
  • Kreisflohmi takes place in any weather.


Kreisflohmi in Kreis 7 on 15.6.24!

Prognose: 16°C

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